We are the link between Italy and the Czech Republic

The company Baladron SE is born from twenty years of experience, directly from the current administration staff.

We take care of welcoming the requests of Italian citizens who are looking for new labor markets to develop, who want to find a country that allows them a strategy to face this historic period of economic crisis, to contain the costs of management, production and taxation below Italian standards. In short, the Czech Republic offers a fixed taxation of 19% net profits, a labor cost reduced by 2/3 compared to Italy.

Here there is the possibility of owning vehicles over 2,000 displacement, without having to fall into delicate categories and pay (the car tax does not exist) insurance premiums of around 200 euros a year. The company Baladron SE (a company under European law) offers 360 ° assistance to all those who want to find a practical and practical solution to the needs of today’s market. Reduced taxation, relationships and access to finance with credit institutions, reduction of administration costs, workers, logistics, transport, etcetera; optimization of what then allows the entrepreneur to be competitive and winning on the market. Last but not least, it is a very welcome thing to be able to administer money, receipts and payments (within some parameters) for cash, with direct remittances. This allows immediate liquidity and available to the same company.

Baladron SE based in Prague 1, deals with legal, administrative, accounting and logistics assistance. Fonda and forms SE company (an anonymous company under European law). It answers to every question free of charge and is at the complete disposal of those who want to protect their assets through the establishment of anonymous companies, foundations, trusts, those who want to undertake an entrepreneurial experience outside of Italy and who, because of unpleasant work experiences, tries to rebuild a new working life abroad.

Baladron SE offers its experience at your service. In our business center you will find assistance for all your needs, office work spaces, professionals who will assist you in your mother tongue and above all you will discover a magnificent country, the Czech Republic, which will leave you pleasantly surprised to see how everything works simply well.