SE/AS Companies

Joint-stock companies with single shareholders or with a number of shareholders named SE (Evropská Společnost, – European Company) if regulated by European regulation no. 2157 dated 8th October 2001 or A.S. company(Akciová Společnost,- Joint-stock company) if it is a normal joint stock company governed by Czech law.

The SE and A.S. joint stock companies have a minimum fully paid up capital of 120,000€ if an SE company and about 80,000€ if an A.S. company. Our companies adopt a dual government regime that provides for three bodies of power:

  • The General Assembly that has the power to appoint the Supervisory Council, that appoints or revokes the management board.
  • The Supervisory Body: which controls the executive bodys activities, excluding any direct management power of the company. The members are appointed by the assembly, appoint the management board and controls management of the management body.
  • The Management Body: runs the European company under its own responsibility

The shareholders of the SE and A.S., can be both individuals and legal entities and as these companies are corporations, in the event of default are not liable with their personal assets.
Shares are named but “to the bearer” (they don’t have to be deposited) and shareholders, if not founders, do not have to be visible on any public documents as transcription of endorsement of shares is not mandatory for Czech law.

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